* Graded subject exams will be taken during regular school timings.
* Compulsory subjects Maths, English, Hindi, E.V.S. (science, social science) there will be P.T.M. after and before every Evaluation in which parents will be shown copies, howsoever in final exam, there is no copy show.
* It is compulsory for parents to attend P.T.M. regularly to update about their ward's academic performance.
* Due to any reason if parents wish to go for rechecking, there is provision to fill up the form with minimum Rs. 200-requistion (only in final exams). 90% attendance is compulsory for a student to appear in final exams.Failing which principal reserves right to abstain child from appearing in exam as per C.B.S.E. norms.
* Medical Certificate must be produced if the child is absent during exam. (in any one exam P.G.- VIII)
* There will be no rank system in class (P.G. to X) as there is grading system implemented according to C.B.S.E. new C.C.E. plan.
* If student is caught during examination indulging himself/herself in any (U.F.M.) unfair means, he/she is liable to be called for explanation and subsequent withdrawal from appearing in exam or expell from the school as per Principal/Managerial jurisdiction.