Dear Parents/Guardians,
Kindly note the following:

1. The child must carry a napkin, apron and a handkerchief every day.
2. For birthday celebration the child is not allowed to bring any sort of gifts (chocolate,toffees).
3. It is very important to observe punctuality in picking and dropping your child
4. No parents will be allowed to meet the class teacher without Principal’s appointment. Please make use of your child’s dairy for communication with the teacher.
5. Kindly send an extra set of clothing to school with the name written on them for student of class Pre.P.G,P.G,N.C,PRE for future use (in case of the is not properly toiled trained).
6. You are requested to file all the classes’ notices, which will be given to the child during the course of the year.
   a) The child must carry his/her dairy to school every day.
   b) The child’s belonging such as clothes, water bottles, Tiffin box and school bag school be labelled.

Parent-Teachers meeting is necessity in the present day context. In order to build up a close report between the school and parents, open house meetings are organised. Coordinated efforts of the school and the parents result in the best all round development of the child. Parent-Teacher interaction at various celebrations, events and meeting organized by the school is vital.

Parents are advised to:

Use Almanac as a communication link.
Attend PTM and Open days.
Meet Principal/Class Teacher, whenever necessary.
Take time out to attend the school Functions
It is advisable to write to the school about the problems of your ward for seeking guidance.